Vital tips for those considering augmentation


With breast enlargement in Birmingham on the rise, here are some vital tips for those considering augmentation.

Here at My Dream Breast we have years upon years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery for breasts – including enlargement, uplifts and nipple correction. We speak to women everyday who feedback vital information for us that helps us to better understand the needs of women in different regions. Recently we spoke to a couple of ladies, some clients, some not, in the area that previously had their breasts enlarged and listened to their experiences in the years that followed their procedures. Today we share their advice and tips with you:

Open mind

1. Keep an open mind and be prepared to reconsider your goals. Often when women do their own research they get themselves set on a definite decision of which size they want, shape, implant and procedure. Whilst this is good, it is wise to keep an open mind when meeting with a consultant because not every person is the same and points that may be compatible with some women, are not with others. For example, a lady shared a story of how she wanted to jump up 3 sizes, only to be told that her skin was too elastic and the surgeon did not advise it. In addition, some women require uplift surgery that essentially threw a curveball on her original plans.


2. Prepare yourself at home. Before you opt for surgery, it is always wise to prepare your home environment for your return post surgery. Shop for a new bra or two so that you are ready at your new size, do the washing and clean your house so that you can take it easy after your breast surgery. As painkillers are recommended (as is plenty of rest), it is worth purchasing some and keeping them within reaching distance of your desired resting location – be it bed or the sofa – so that you do not have to strain too much should you need them.

Pre-surgery exercise

3. Do back exercises and workout pre surgery. Working out on your back muscles before you undergo breast surgery can help speed up the recovery of breast enlargement surgery and reduce the need for aftercare. The new size breasts will feel different at first (for about the first week) with some pain, so strong back muscles will help you adapt to your new size quicker.


4. Relax! Although each person has a different pain threshold, pain is reported by most women who undergo augmentation. So make sure you book some time off work or get help if you have children so that you can put your feet up. The more you look after yourself in the short term, the more your boobs will look after you in the long term! Recovery is important and something that you should take seriously.


5. Light exercise and massage can help. Although you will feel pain and discomfort from your new boobs, it will not hurt to touch and massage them. In fact it can have the opposite effect and actually help with the pain and discomfort. Gentle touching and massaging is reported to ease pain in combination with painkillers and some walking. Obviously do not start speed walking around the house or neighbourhood, but 10 to 15 minutes a day will help you adapt.

The My Dream Breast clinic in Birmingham is approachable and personable. If you live in the area, why not drop in for a free no obligation consultation and see how we can achieve your ideal body and dream boobs.