Like breast implants, breast implant removal is also a commonly performed surgery. In UK it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. In the year 2013, there has seen a significant rise in breast implant and revision surgeries from previous year. Around 50,000 cosmetics surgeries were performed in 2013, which is considerably higher than 2012.

Are you a candidate for breast implant removal?

Breast implant revision is performed on a series of occasions. Following are few occasions where a candidate might opt for breast implant removal.

  • If your previous implant looks artificial and you want more natural looking fuller breasts.
  • If you suddenly have lost or gained weight and your implants look inappropriate to your new size.
  • Sometimes women want to re-augment their breasts and to perform that, breast implant removal is important.
  • Other women sometimes do not like the shape of their breasts and want removal as corrective action.
  • You can also consider complete removal.

Whatever your reason is to consider breast implant removal, you must know that it is comparatively a simpler and less painful technique. Often a hole is created near areola or at the crease of the breasts through which the implant is extracted. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and requires an overnight stay at hospital. Though there will be swelling and soreness right after the surgery but patients can normally return to their daily life after couple of days and join their work in a week’s time. It also doesn’t leave any visible scar. We however ask our patients for a series of follow-ups with their surgeon to ensure proper recovery.
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