In a breast implant or breast enlargement surgery, a silicon breast implant is inserted under the breast to improve the shape of the breast and prevent it from sagging any further.  While for some this surgery can help to enlarge their breasts and make it suit their overall body structure, for others it is a way of gaining a fuller bust after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Often uneven breasts can be extremely embarrassing for an individual. A breast implant can restore the shape of your breasts and make them appear balanced.

You may have heard various things about whether the implants are safe or not or whether they harm your health in any way. Therefore, it is quite natural that you want to have the best breast implant products before opting for the surgery.

At MyDreamBreast, we offer silicone gel-filled breast implants, which are completely tested and safe for use. Our silicone gel-filled breast implants include:

  • CoGel
  • Impleo
  • Impleo Smooth
  • GFX
  • RGI

These cohesive silicone gel implants are anatomically shaped and have a definite planning system so that our expert surgeons can ensure a proper fit. The implants are available in 90 different variations and are made from stable cohesive silicone gel with a special 360 degree barrier layer and a textured surface.   The different features of our silicone gel implants include:

  • 360 degree barrier shell technology
  • Nagotex textured surface
  • 3 variable heights
  • 3 different projections
  • 9 different cells comprising different variations
  • A unique preoperative planning system for custom fitting and greater accuracy
  • Stable high cohesive silicone gel-fill

For us the health and well being of our patients is of utmost importance. We trust Nagor, the world leader in the manufacture of breast implants, in this regard. These breast implants are manufactured in UK and come with the GCA Comfort Guarantee, which is a set standard as far as breast augmentation and reconstruction are concerned.

Nagor is the only company in Britain, which is solely dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of the highest quality breast implants. It entitles you to the GCA Comfort Guarantee which has its own share of benefits such as:

  • Automatic enrolment into the program once the implant surgery is complete
  • Lifetime product replacement opportunity upon the fulfilment of certain criteria

The guarantee applies to all implants, which have been implanted after Jan 1, 2009.  The implants which are properly placed by our qualified team of surgeons and in compliance with the accepted surgical techniques and procedures come under the purview of the guarantee.

The lifetime warranty against the Nagor product ensures that it can be replaced right away in the event of a rupture of the implant or an extreme capsular contracture. The rupture can occur as a result of the loss of shell integrity.  The replacement is done absolutely free of cost.  The GCA comfort guarantee on the other hand even facilitates a size change below or above the replacement implant and also a contralateral breast implant.