For Smooth-Surfaced Breast Implants

Impleo Smooth is a range of soft form silicone gel-filled breast implants that make you feel confident and great about the way you look. Impleo Smooth, a premium range of breast implants, packs the promise of smooth surface and high safety at its core. Round-shaped, these implants are made from soft form stable, high cohesive gel. This gel, along with ultra safe 360-degree Barrier Layer and textured surface, gives you the perfect fit and look.

If you are the one who puts high quality and comfort at the top, Impleo Smooth is the implant for you. As the name indicates, Impleo Smooth’s smooth texture gives you comfortable feel. The fact that Impleo Smooth comes with the Nagor brand name implies that the products are of the highest quality. Impleo Smooth product line features a variety of fully-filled profiles and sizes. You can choose from a range of options in low, high, and extra high projections. The combination of profiles and sizes enables Nagor to give you a range of 38 Impleo Smooth silicone breast implants.

Another feature that makes Impleo Smooth stand apart from other breast implants is Negotax textured surface and the 360-degree Barrier Shell technology. Why is this important? To put simply, this combination ensures that you get the right look and your breast implants are safe for your body. In other words, you have the best fit and the safest implants.

Nagor, manufacturer of Impleo Smooth, has many more options for breast implants. Other than Impleo Smooth, you can choose from Impleo, CoGel, and GFX. All breast implants manufactured by Nagore promise three things above all–right fit, comfort, and utmost safety. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of breast implants, by choosing Nagor products you get the best advice and products.

To know more about various breasts implant options offered by Nagor and various aspects you should consider before and during breast implants, take your time to go through the Nagor web site (