Available in A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

GFX is a range of advanced silicone gel-filled breast implants that provide you safety and look- in one word confidence. GFX, premium range of breast implants, brings you the promise of high performance and peace of mind. Round-shaped, these implants are made of silicone cohesive gel. This gel, along with ultra safe 360-degree Barrier Layer and textured surface, gives you the perfect fit and the look you imagined for yourself.

Looking for a breast implant that assures high quality and smooth surface? Well, GFX is your answer. GFX features a variety of fully-filled profiles and sizes. You can choose from a range of low, high, and extra high. The combination of profiles and sizes enables Nagor, the makers of GFX, to give you a range of 56 GFX silicone breast implants. s.

While look and fit are important aspects of an implant, do not ignore the safety aspect. And this is where GFX stands above many other implant options available on the market. It gives you choice in terms of size and look, smooth texture, and comes with the promise of safety. It comes with Negotax textured surface and the 360-degree Barrier Shell technology. As a result, you gain the look that you wanted and be assured that your implants are ultra-safe as safety.

GFX is manufactured by Nagor, which is the UK’s leading manufacturer of breast implants. Nagor is also one of the leading suppliers of breasts implants across the world. It has a network of more than 40 partners. The organization’s implant facilities are at Scotland and England. All Nagor implants use long-term, implantable medical grade silicone. This silicone is supplied by an ISO 9001 certified source.

To understand more about breast implants, visit the other sections of the Nagor web site. Our site helps you guide through various aspects of breast safety. From preparation to surgery to recovery, all the information is on the web site (http://nagor.com/patients/get-started/what-to-expect).