High Performance Cohesive Silicone Gel

First of all, we would like to thank you to show you our appreciation for considering Nagor for your breast implant. Secondly, we would further like to express our gratitude by offering you a life time warranty on the Saline and Silicone implants that you get from Nagor. We believe in building a long lasting relationship with all our clients and we have the confidence that you will be satisfied by the quality of product that we have to offer you. The confidence we have for our work reflects on the warranty that we offer you. In the event of a rupture (saline) or a deflation (silicone) Nagor will replace the implant absolutely free of cost.

The GCA Comfort Warranty

Both our saline as well as silicone implants come along with a GCA Comfort Warranty where:

  • We provide warranty in the event if implants suffer an internal rupture caused by shell breakage, leakage or rupture.
  • We offer a life time warranty for free replacement of the implant in the event that our patient suffers severe capsular contracture.
  • We offer a warranty for size alteration if the surgeon responsible for the implant considers it crucial.
  • We shall provide contra-lateral implant, also if the surgeon responsible feels it is essential.

We, at Nagor, provide replacement for saline implants for its lifetime. We also offer financial assistance. For more information on our assistance, contact our office immediately.
Our silicone gel implants also come with a life-time warranty for product replacement in case of rupture due to failure of shell integrity. We also offer financial assistance in such a case for meeting the cost of surgery. For any queries related to financial assistance, contact our office.


What Nagor Shall not Cover

We work hard to maintain a professional attitude towards the work that we do while still attempting to maintain excellent relations with our clients. We do expect from our clients the same amount of respect that we have towards them. While we warrant a lifetime replacement for implants based on certain conditions, we also have certain conditions that shall not be covered by Nagor. They are:

  • Any removal of implants made by Nagor, in the event, that the client is dissatisfied with the size or the aesthetic outcome of the implant.
  • Any undesirable result except rupture or deflation.
  • Any undesirable result other than severe capsular contracture.
  • Any expenditure required for intervention surgery.
  • Implants that have been tailor-made.

Make an appointment with our surgeon today to discuss in details of your GCA Comfort Warranty Program.