Breast implants with a promise of safety

Impleo is a range of soft form silicone gel-filled breast implants that help you achieve the look you always dreamt of. And is it only about the look? The answer is no. It’s about the confidence that you gain when you get comfortable with the way you look.

So, here comes Impleo–round-shaped breast implants that are made from soft form stable, high cohesive gel. The high cohesive silicone gel when coupled ultra safe 360-degree Barrier Layer and textured surface, makes you look beautiful and confident.

If you are looking for round implants of very high quality, look no further. Impleo is your answer to all your needs from breast implants. In other words, Impleo gives you the best look, ensures that you stay comfortable, and promises the utmost safety. Not just that, Impleo offers a variety of fits when it comes to fully-filled profiles and sizes. Choose from low, high, and extra high projection. The combination of profiles and sizes gives you a range of 38 Impleo silicone breast implants.

For all it’s implant products, Nagor uses Negotax textured surface and the 360-degree Barrier Shell technology. As a result, you gain the look that you wanted and be assured that your implants are ultra-safe as safety is an important aspect of breast implants probably, as important as the fit and size.

Nagor, the UK’s leading manufacturer of breast implants, has more than 30 years of experience in the field of breast implants. The organization, with implant facilities at Scotland and England, offers the range of implants to address your unique requirements. However, Nagor has to offer way more than the implants. The organization also offers sline fills, tissue expanders, and body implants.

Your safety is Nagor’s top priority. And this means that the organization makes sure that it is using and making responsible decisions in all aspects of business. From research to manufacturing, Nagor ensure that there is no compromise in providing with the best and safest products. So, when you choose a Nagor implant, you choose comfort, safety, and of course, the best look. To know more about Nagor, check out our products