Types of implants

There are generally two types of implants:

  • Silicone implants: filled with silicone gel.
  • Saline implants: filled with sterilized water.

Silicone implants have quickly grown in popularity since they were first introduced in 1962 but people have been divided in their opinion about the procedure. While some have never had any problem with the breast surgery, others have claimed that these implants might have been the cause of immunological disorders. However, there has not yet been any study to confirm such relation between implants and immunological disorders. Many women prefer to use silicone implants because the silicone gel closely resembles the feel of human fat tissues when inside the breast.

Saline implants, on the other hand are filled with saline water and if there happens to be a leak in the implant somehow, this water gets absorbed in the body and finally gets expelled in a natural manner. The outer shell remains and needs to be surgically removed. Women 18 years and over can opt for such breast surgery while for silicone implants you must be at least 22 years old.

Beating the Odds of the Procedure

Breast surgery is a brave decision taken by a lot of women who want to improve their body aesthetics. These are confident women who know exactly what they want and are ready to make that change in their body to help improve their self-image. If you have been considering breast surgery for implants, it is only justified that you would like to know more about the process. Let us discuss here about the different options available and the odds that they come with.

Risk factors of implants and surger

Surgery for both types of implants poses similar risk factors. They may consist of:

  • Risk for infection
  • Risk for change in the sensation in nipple as well as breasts, although usually temporary
  • Risk for rupture and leakage
  • Risk for shape distortion due to scar tissue
  • Risk for pain in the breast

In case any of the problems arise, it may be corrected with further breast surgery.

Important things you should know

  • Sagging: Breast implant surgery is not guaranteed against sagging. If you want your breasts look preppy, you may want to opt for a breast lift surgery.
  • Guarantee: There is no life time guarantee. It may rupture and leak any time. In addition your breasts will change as you grow older or lose or gain weight.
  • Mammograms: Specialized views may be required if you have implants.
  • Breast feeding: This depends on the individuals’ body. Some women have no trouble after breast surgery while others have had problems feeding.

Ask our surgeons what sort of implant would be suitable for you. Let us help you feel better.