Are you not happy the way your breast implants look ? Have lost weight and want to reduce the sizes of your breasts? Breast implant removal and re-augmentation is a technique to remove breast implant completely or to replace it with a new one.

Clients may demand breast implant removal for different reasons. Age or sudden weight loss may make your fuller and bigger breasts look out of place. Here are a few reasons to consider breast implant removal.

  • You may not like the way they look. It may seem to you fake and you may wish to have more natural looking ones.
  • If you want your breasts to be larger than before, re-implantation can help you enhance their size.
  • For some women they do not like the shape of their breasts after implant and want those to be replaced.
  • If you have gained or lose weight and previous implant looks unnatural.

To adjust the size one may want the implant to be removed and/or reinstated. Comparatively, it is easier than breast implant since the pocket for the implant is already created. You can decide to completely remove implant or replace it with a new one.

What to expect from breast implant removal and re-augmentation

Implant removal and re-augmentation is comparatively safer process that first-time breast implant. The process is performed under general anaesthesia and requires an overnight stay at the hospital. The implant is removed through a hole around areola or under the fold of breasts and replaced with new ones. The process is less painful and quicker than implant procedure. The patient might have to take eventual preventive measures to ensure complete recovery, especially if your job involves lifting heavy weights. One can return to their regular life in one week’s time. But it is advisable to consult your doctors before such decision. We normally schedule a series of follow-ups for our clients to ensure that their recovery process is progressing as expected.


My Dream Breast in the UK has been offering modern and advanced cosmetic surgical solutions to clients for more than a decade. The clinic was established by a group of enthusiastic plastic surgeons determined to offer quality plastic surgery solutions to modern women. We offer an array of cosmetic and beautification surgery solutions, including – breast implant, nipple correction, breast implant removal and re-augmentation.

In the UK breast implant is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery and it has been modernised quite significantly. We implement latest technology and machineries in performing surgeries that will cause less pain and blood loss and speed up healing process, so that you can return to your normal life quickly.

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