CoGel® is a range of silicone gel-filled breast implants that enable your physician to give you a precise fit. Shaped like a teardrop, these implants are made of stable, cohesive gel. This gel gives you the perfect shape and fit along with a 360-degree Barrier Layer and textured surface.

CoGel® offers three different heights and three different projections. You can choose from a matrix of low, medium, and high projection as well as low, medium, and high height. The combination of different heights and projections enables Nagor to give you a range of 90 CoGel® silicone breast implants.

Another outstanding feature of CoGel® is a unique preoperative, planning system that helps your physician provide you custom fitting with precision. As a result, you gain the look that you wanted and this boosts your confidence manifold. CoGel® implants have nine cells that result into 90 variations–which means there is a huge range for you to choose from. CoGel® implants are easy for you and your physician–right from the planning point.

CoGel® is manufactured by Nagor, which is UK’s leading manufacturer of breast implants. Nagor supplies breasts implants across the globe, thanks to its network of more than 40 partners worldwide. Nagor has its implant facilities at Scotland and England. In line with its more than 34 years of experience in the field of breast implants, Nagor manufactured around 75,000 breast implants in the year 2012.

Nagor uses long-term implantable medical grade silicone supplied from an ISO 9001 certified source for its breast implants. Nagor not just provides you with the best breast implants, it also helps you guide through your decision to get implants and the process of implants. Visit ( to guide you through the phases of research and preparation, surgery, and recovery.

Do familiarize yourself with all aspects of surgery and, if you decide to go for breast implants, tell your doctor about your preference of CoGel®. We assure you that he/she would commend you for your choice!