Why thousands of women are feeling low and wearing baggy clothes


As summer approaches, many women across Manchester are feeling apprehensive. At a time when people should be enjoying holidays abroad or in the UK, taking trips to the beach and wearing vests and bikinis, thousands of women are feeling sad and low and wearing baggy clothes. Why you may ask? One word; “breasts”. Breasts are one of the biggest factors in low self esteem and low confidence. Instead of embracing the hot weather and sun, some people shy away.

Story-after-story is told to us here at My Dream Breast of how some women are extremely unhappy with the size, shape or symmetry of their breasts. That is why this time of year is one of the most busiest for us, as people are searching for breast surgery procedures – from enlargement, to correction to uplifts.

Boost self confidence

Enlarging your breasts is one of the quickest ways to potentially boost self confidence. We help our patients every day get the ‘boobs’ they have always dreamed of. Some patients report not only a boost in their self esteem after a boob job, but also a boost in making them feel more confident and feminine. Our Manchester clinic has been providing affordable breast enlargement procedures for many years. Giving women across Manchester a body to be proud of. During our aftercare programme, many of our female patients tell us how happy they are now that they can wear their favourite clothes and swimming costumes when on holiday.

If you are based in the Manchester area and are thinking about breast surgery, we invite you to come and have a free consultation with our experts. We are confident we can bring your ideas to life and will talk you through our process from initial discussion through to aftercare.

Why do people undergo breast surgery?

A common misconception about breast surgery is that everyone is making their boobs bigger because they are vein or ‘love themselves’. But the reality is there are many reasons why women undergo breast surgery. The most common reason is that they have always been unhappy with the size of their breasts from a young age or feel like they didn’t ‘grow’ enough, and feel like enlargement would boost their confidence. The second most common reason for breast surgery is because one breast is larger or smaller than the other. (This is a lot more common than some people think). Other reasons why breast surgery is a choice of many is that breasts can look completely different after pregnancy or weight loss. Making people unhappy at the changes to their body.

At My Dream Breast, we carry out all different breast procedures in our Manchester clinic. At a convenient location, we aim to make the entire experience as comfortable as possible. The feedback we receive from our clients keeps us striving on to provide the best service in the region. Breast procedures include; enlargement (aka augmentation), uplift, reduction and nipple correction. Following on from your initial consultation with us, you will receive a personal service from our dedicated team every step of the way.