Are you looking for a breast surgery clinic in Nottingham that you can trust?


Without a doubt one of the biggest pointers when it comes to breast surgery is trust. If you cannot trust an organisation, clinic or surgeon from a consultation then how can you trust them to perform your surgery, put your interests first and provide first rate aftercare? At My dream Breast, our clinic in Nottingham has been providing numerous breast surgery procedures for many years – including enlargement and uplift – the two most popular procedures, often performed together and we pride ourselves on trust and aftercare. We allow clients / patients to have as many consultations as they like with their surgeon – who will perform their surgery – this helps to build trust in the relationship and give maximum peace of mind.

Trusted aftercare

The aftercare and recovery time for breast enlargement varies, and depends on whether you opt for implants that are placed under or over the muscle. The recovery time is longer for implants that are placed under the muscle and therefore requires longer aftercare. It is essential to find the right surgeon along with the right team who will provide you with all the aftercare and answers to your queries as time goes by.

What to expect

As we always reiterate that no single experience is ever repeated. By all means ask your family and friends, but if they have undergone breast enlargement surgery, the chances are that their experience will differ from yours. Each individual person has a different pain threshold along with different visions – these are the 2 biggest differences when it comes to surgery.

When you have a breast procedure such as implants, the scar from your incision will be permanently on your body. However, most scars are light and almost invisible and often the incision is hidden away – such as the armpit or under the breast. Initially, scars may appear red and on the thick size, but over time after recovery they will thin-out and lighten. Some women recommend using oil capsules such as vitamin E or creams such as vitamin A.

Will you have stretch marks?

It is unlikely that you will have stretch marks after breast enlargement. In fact, when implants are inserted it is common for pre-existing stretch marks to actually disappear or reduce due to the breasts ‘filling out’. So if you have had a baby and notice you have boob stretch marks, the chances are that after surgery they will no longer be visible. Yes they will always be there, but as the boobs fill out they will lighten.

3 pointers you probably won’t know about breast surgery

1. After undergoing a breast enlargement procedure, it is important that you do not do any kind of physical activity that can raise your blood pressure for at least 2 weeks. But the longer the better. If you can take it easy for 4 weeks, then do so. That also includes no sex. Sex can be strenuous or demanding which risks raising the blood pressure.

2. Invest in a stool softener! This top tip is a hidden gem that comes from experience. Sometimes after surgery you can feel a little constipated, and during your recovery you do not want to strain. So take it easy and make your toilet habits easier by softening your stools.

3. Ice therapy can help your recovery. When you are resting in your aftercare period, you can place small ice packs on top of your supportive post surgery bra. Some women report wearing two supportive bras and place the ice packs in between the bras.

If you have any questions regarding breast surgery, feel free to drop in to our Nottingham clinic or give us a call for a free no obligation chat.